The Enders Colsman name stands for expertise in metal shaping.
We are masters of all sheet metal shaping processes in deep drawing and pressing, including use of the most up-to-date Hydroforming systems.
With our high level of flexibility and intelligent logistics techniques, we can supply even small to medium batches with great efficiency.

Our complete portfolio of post-processing and surfacing treatments and our component assembly expertise makes us one of the most innovative full service providers of your components in sheet aluminium, sheet steel and sheet stainless steel, as well as in non-ferrous metals such as brass.
We can satisfy even the most challenging quality requirements at our plant in Werdohl in Westphalia as well as at our second production plant in China.


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Innovation in metal shaping. The most cost-effective process that provides more design options, leaving your product with a perfect finish.

  • Substantially reduced tooling costs
  • Shaping needs only a single tooling piece to be made specific to the component
  • Allows us to shape complex geometries using only a few work processes
  • Gives us more flexibility in component design
  • Excellent surface finishes



We offer a comprehensive service – from component design to delivery.

Our goal is to operate cost-effectively and on time right from the word go, providing the highest possible level of process reliability through our 360° service.

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We provide you with the support you need in optimising your components right from the tendering phase, as your ideal development partner.
We can use our "FEM simulation program" to analyse and optimise your component design for production feasibility.

This allows us to guarantee that your requirements are delivered with maximum efficiency, and that your component can be manufactured with the highest possible level of process reliability, using the most efficient production method possible.
Where required, our developers can take over the entire component design process for you, using our 3D CAD systems.

more about our simulation processes


We use the results of our shaping simulations to develop downstream process planning and tool construction. The closed process chain used in our in-house tooling and prototype production facilities allows us to guarantee a high level of flexibility with short throughput times.

Our prototyping work is carried out in accordance with DIN 9001 or VDA/PPAP. Measurements made on prototypes and series-produced parts is completed with the help of our 3D measurement system. Our ERP system, which includes PPS and batch management functions, provides complete traceability for all components.


Aside from the shaping process itself, our customers also benefit from what we refer to as our Reshape-Plus program, which includes a wide spectrum of internal and external post-processing steps, from cutting to surface treatment.

Reshape-Plus Program
Punching and cutting operations Punching, nibbling, lasers
Post-processing machining Turning, milling
Joining processes Spot welding, glueing, MIG, MAG, WIG and laser welding
Surface treatments Grinding, polishing, anodisation, powder coating, painting, tumble finishing, electrolytic polishing, blasting


Our offerings in component assembly round off our 360° service.
We can take over global sourcing of other components of your part, taking on the entire logistical process, where you need us to do so.

We have long provided services as principal supplier for many of our customers. Whether you use a "make to order" or JIT delivery with customised packaging, we draw up a list of all conceivable sourcing strategies in consultation with our customers.